STSM of Jose Antonio Moreno (UAM, Spain) at Ames National Laboratory (USA)

The goal of this STSM was to explore the effects of rare earths doping into topological and superconducting materials in high quality single crystals. Paul Canfield’s group in Ames National Laboratory is at the forefront of research in novel quantum materials. We have used the flux growth technique to grow single crystals of several materials such as LaRu4P12 and NdSb. These growths were optimized and, consequently, rare earths were doped into these systems. Single crystals of these materials were structurally and compositionally characterized. Then, the effect of magnetic rare earths (mainly Nd) on the superconductivity of LaRu4P12, and the effect of non-magnetic disorder of La in NdSb were studied, respectively. The resulting single crystals of these materials and several more have been prepared to be further studied with STM in Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.