Probing Confined Vortices with a Superconducting Nanobridge

M. Foltyn, K. Norowski, M.J. Wyszyński, A.S. de Arruda, M.V. Milošević, and M. Zgirski

Phys. Rev. Applied 19, 044073

We realize a superconducting nanodevice in which vortex traps in the form of an aluminum square are integrated with a Dayem nanobridge. We perform field cooling of the traps arriving to different vortex configurations, dependent on the applied magnetic field, to demonstrate that the switching current of the bridge is highly sensitive to the presence and location of vortices in the trap. Our measurements exhibit unprecedented precision and ability to detect the first and successive vortex entries into all fabricated traps, from few hundred nm to 2μm in size. The experimental results are corroborated by Ginzburg-Landau simulations, which reveal the subtle yet crucial changes in the density of the superconducting condensate in the vicinity of the bridge with every additional vortex entry and relocation inside the trap. An ease of integration and simplicity make our design a convenient platform for studying dynamics of vortices in strongly confining geometries, involving a promise to manipulate vortex states electronically with simultaneous in situ control and monitoring.