World Quantum Day 2023: join the global celebration!

The World Quantum Day, celebrated on 14 April,is an initiative from quantum scientists from 65+ countries, aiming at promoting the public understanding of Quantum Science and Quantum Technology around the World.

It is a decentralized and bottom-up initiative, inviting all scientists, engineers, educators, communicators, entrepreneurs, technologists, historians, philosophers, artists, museologists, producers, etc., and their organisations, to develop their own activities, such as outreach talks, exhibitions, lab tours, panel discussions, interviews, artistic creations, etc., to celebrate the World Quantum Day around the World.

The World Quantum Day was officially launched in 2022, with 200+ events, in 5 continents, in
44+ countries,
193+ cities, in
17+ different languages

This year we aim at reaching an even wider audience, and we encourage you to organise your own event, in your country/city/organisation, in your language, and celebrate all domains of Quantum Science, including atomic and molecular physics, high-energy physics, condensed-matter physics, astrophysics, cosmology, quantum gravity, quantum plasmas, quantum optics, quantum information science, quantum computer science, quantum metrology, quantum engineering, quantum chemistry, quantum thermodynamics, quantum foundations, etc., as well as their history, their mathematical foundations, their technological applications, and their philosophical and societal implications.

Do create and submit your own event! And feel free to use the public domain logo of the World Quantum Day.

The World Quantum Day is celebrated on, and around, 14 April. You can find examples from past World Quantum Day events, as well as of upcoming and ongoing events, in the World Quantum Day website.

This year’s World Quantum Day is also a great opportunity to highlight the Nobel Prize in Physics 2022 awarded to Alain Aspect, John F. Clauser, and Anton Zeilinger “for experiments with entangled photons, establishing the violation of Bell inequalities and pioneering quantum information science”. It is a special occasion to celebrate this fundamental aspect of Quantum Science, and how it is at the origin of novel and disruptive information technologies, such as quantum computing, quantum communications, and quantum sensing, which may impact our society in the future.
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Join us in celebrating the World Quantum Day on, and around, 14 April 2023!

Let’s quantum!

The World Quantum Day Team