STSM of Stanislava Shpilinska (University of Vienna, Austria) at the Goethe University (Germany): Nanoengineered superconductors for magnon generators and single-photon detectors

The aim of this short-term scientific mission (STSM) was to design superconductor nanomaterials with high current-carrying capability and supporting very high (>10 km/s) vortex velocities.

Specifically, we were interested in preparing normal metal/ superconductor hybrid structures in which a highly conducting layer acts as a heat sink for the dissipation due to fast-moving fluxons.

During the STSM, we modeled and designed various superconducting geometries, with particular interest in the magnetic field dependences of the critical current for superconducting and superconductor/normal metal hybrid structures. Nanofabrication was done by using a combination of focused electron and ion beam deposition/milling in a dual-beam microscope FEI Nova NanoLab 600. A series of samples was prepared for transport measurements.