ITC Conference Grant of Igor Bogus at the 8th International Conference on Superconductivity and Magnetism (Turkey)

The conference took place at the picturesque resort of Ölüdeniz surrounded by Turkish mountains and the place where the Aegean and Mediterranean seas converge in a natural beauty. Located at the origin point of the renowned Lycian Way hiking route, this locale boasts the Babadağ mountain, which attracts paragliders from around the globe. Amidst these enchanting landscapes, the “International Conference On Superconductivity and Magnetism – ICSM2023” provided a unique platform for scientists from the domain from many countries and continents.

At the conference, the grantee made contact with many theoretical and experimental physicists from Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Germany, and Ukraine. Through active participation and discussions, Igor Bogus gained valuable insights and feedback that have contributed to the enrichment of my research work on superconducting nanodevices. During the conference, the grantee had the opportunity to present my research topic on “Frequency-locking in Superconducting Nanotubes and Nanoribbons under Modulated Transport Current and Magnetic Field” and engage in fruitful discussions with fellow researchers. These interactions led to valuable feedback on how to enhance our calculations and simulations by focusing on additional effects.

Additionally, the conference provided numerous opportunities to engage with experts and gain insights into the practical application of our theoretical results. The presentations delivered by other researchers introduced alternative nanostructure geometries that are experimentally obtained and can be analyzed using our formalism and software. These insights showcased potential applications of our work in areas such as current limiters, magnetic sensors, and single-photon detectors. The conference thus expanded my perspective on the broader impact of our research and inspired future developments.
Moreover, Igor Bogus received advice from young scientists on how to achieve a postdoctoral position within the European Union. These conversations provided valuable insights and guidance for a future career in academia.

Attending the conference through the support of the COST Action Grant proved to be an invaluable experience. The engagement with physicists from diverse backgrounds, coupled with the feedback and discussions, enriched my research work. The suggestions received for exploring additional effects and the insights gained from other presentations have opened up new avenues for investigation and application of our research. Igor Bogus is grateful for the support of the COST Action Grant, which has played an important role in facilitating this rewarding experience.