Intrinsic Magnetic (EuIn)As Nanowire Shells with a Unique Crystal Structure

Authors: Hadas Shtrikman, Man Suk Song, Magdalena A. Załuska-Kotur, Ryszard Buczko, Xi Wang, Beena Kalisky, Perla Kacman, Lothar Houben and Haim Beidenkopf

Nano Lett. 2022, 22, 22, 8925–8931

Abstract: In the pursuit of magneto-electronic systems nonstoichiometric magnetic elements commonly introduce disorder and enhance magnetic scattering. We demonstrate the growth of (EuIn)As shells, with a unique crystal structure comprised of a dense net of Eu inversion planes, over InAs and InAs1–xSbx core nanowires. This is imaged with atomic and elemental resolution which reveal a prismatic configuration of the Eu planes. The results are supported by molecular dynamics simulations. Local magnetic and susceptibility mappings show magnetic response in all nanowires, while a subset bearing a DC signal points to ferromagnetic order. These provide a mechanism for enhancing Zeeman responses, operational at zero applied magnetic field. Such properties suggest that the obtained structures can serve as a preferred platform for time-reversal symmetry broken one-dimensional states including intrinsic topological superconductivity.