Characterization of Lateral Junctions and Micro-SQUIDs Involving Magnetic Multilayers

IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity, 33, 5

Authors: Halima Giovanna Ahmad, Luigi Di Palma, Davide Massarotti, Marco Arzeo, Giovanni Piero Pepe, Francesco Tafuri, Oleg A Mukhanov, Ivan P Nevirkovets

Abstract: We have fabricated and characterized at low temperatures Nb/Ni/(Al/Ni) 14 /Nb lateral junctions and Nb micro-SQUIDs involving (Al/Py) 10 multilayers (here Py is permalloy: 80% Ni − 20% Fe). We have studied I – V curves and Josephson critical current as a function of an external magnetic field ( I c ( H )) at various temperatures and orientations of the applied magnetic field. These studies revealed that, for some orientations of the externally applied magnetic field, the I c ( H ) dependence of the lateral junctions has a component highly sensitive to magnetic field. In addition, we have observed a SQUID-like I c ( H ) dependence for devices, in which an orthogonally oriented (with respect to the substrate) Nb loop that includes two nanoscopic Josephson junctions is filled with a (Al/Py) 10 multilayer. We believe the devices presented here are promising as magnetic field sensors on nanoscale for various applications where high spatial resolution is required.

DOI: 10.1109/TASC.2023.3247361