About COST

COST is a proven scheme, characterized by a serious, simple and efficient way of bringing researchers together. COST provides a frame that works with the administrations of more than 30 countries and most European universities and research centers have experience with COST. The set of instruments provided by COST has been tested and shown to be successful in many different settings and fields.

The initiative within each Action comes from the scientists, technical experts and from any other stakeholder with a direct interest in fostering international collaboration. The Actions are led by a Memorandum of Understanding signed by the governments of the COST countries participating in the Action. 

For more information about COST see www.cost.eu.

All rules and conditions to participate in COST are to be found here:


The Action SUPERQUMAP is described in the COST webpage https://www.cost.eu/actions/CA21144/, where you can read the project’s description or apply to join for working groups.

To take advantage of COST activities and apply for networking funds, you can use the e-cost instrument or contact us.